Ohio (And Illinois) Touch Screen Changes Romney Votes into Obama Votes

Ohio is one of the most hotly contested states in the nation for this year’s presidential election. Every vote matters, and every vote that gets changed by acts of fraud or computer glitch is a reason for concern. Just look at what’s happening at one Ohio voting location.

As reported by the Marion Star, voting problems sprung up with the touch screen voting machines. When Mitt Romney was selected, Barack Obama was highlighted instead.

Joan Stevens was one of several early voters at the polls on Monday. But when Stevens tried to cast her ballot for president, she noticed a problem.

Upon selecting “Mitt Romney” on the electronic touch screen, Barack Obama’s name lit up.

It took Stevens three tries before her selection was accurately recorded.

“You want to vote for who you want to vote for, and when you can’t it’s irritating,” Stevens said.

Read More: http://www.gopusa.com/freshink/2012/11/01/ohio-touch-screen-changes-romney-votes-into-obama-votes/?subscriber=1


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