Elections 2014



Early Voting begins on October 20th.

Election day is November 4th.


Click HERE to find the following voter information:

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Find your local (county) election authority HERE.  In most cases, you can print out a sample ballot before you go to the polling place.  By seeing your ballot beforehand, you will know about any local ballot initiatives and judicial candidates etc.  Be informed!


Visit the following sites to learn more about Illinois Candidates:

  • Illinois State Board of Elections Candidate Guide HERE
  • Political Events Janitor HERE
  • Illinois Review interviews/questionnaires (see resources section on top right) HERE
  • Champion News Candidate Central HERE
  • Renaissance PAC Endorsements HERE
  • Chicago Tribune Endorsements HERE
  • Illinois Judges HERE
  • McHenry County Blog HERE
  • Heritage Alliance HERE
  • Americans for Prosperity Congressional Scorecard HERE
  • Freedomworks Congressional Scorecard HERE
  • Heritage Action Congressional Scorecard HERE
  • Club for Growth Congressional Scorecard HERE
  • Politics1.com HERE
  • Ballotpedia.org HERE
  • Illinois Family Institute Voter Guide HERE
  • Vote411.org (League of Women Voters) HERE


Visit the following websites to find political events:

  • Illinois Tea Party calendar HERE
  • Political Events Janitor calendar HERE
  • Illinois Review events calendar HERE


Constitutional Amendment Questions on Ballot

Illinois Tea Party recommends voting NO on all five constitutional amendment questions that will appear on your ballot.

Constitutional questions
Two proposed changes to the Illinois Constitution will be on the November 4th ballot — one pertaining to crime victims’ rights and the other, elections. A simple majority of those who pull ballots or three-fifths of those voting on the measure itself will be required to make the suggested constitutional changes.
1.  Proposed Amendment to Section 8.1 of Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution — Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights 
Opponents believe this amendment is unnecessary because the current law already provides these protections. Proponents of this amendment believe it may ensure enforcement of existing law. The 492-word amendment specifies twelve different rights for crime victims, all in current law, including the right to be notified about court rulings, proceedings, and to be protected from the accused during the justice process. The amendment gives the victims the right to communicate with the prosecution and to be heard at any court proceeding involving release, plea or sentencing.
2. Proposed Amendment to Section 8 of Article III of the Illinois Constitution — Elections 
Proponents of fair elections argue this amendment would negatively impact and stop any effort to combat election fraud, efforts 31 other states have enacted. They also raise questions about the phrase “status as a member of a language minority.” It is unknown whether this requirement will eventually force polling places to provide ballots in an array of language translations or require them to make available language interpreters to convey ballot choices.
Referenda on the November 4th Ballot
Three advisory referenda will be on the Illinois’ 2014 General Election ballot. On an “advisory referendum,” voters express their opinions. The question will not become law if a majority agrees with it, but their opinion will be considered as the Illinois General Assembly decides legislation on the issue.
1.  Minimum Wage – Shall the minimum wage in Illinois for adults over the age of 18 be raised to $10 per hour by January 1, 2015? 
Minimum wage hikes fall disproportionately on small-business owners who are less able to absorb increased labor costs. This means there are fewer opportunities for unskilled workers or adults to get started in the labor market and move their way up. This referendum would trigger employers to hire more workers under the age of 18 where the minimum wage hike doesn’t apply, forcing workers over the age of 18 out of jobs.  Minimum wage hikes actually harm the very people that proponents of the laws say they want to help.
2. Prescription Birth Control Coverage – Shall any health insurance plan in Illinois that provides prescription drug coverage be required to include prescription birth control as part of that coverage? 
Since 2004, Illinois law has already required health insurance policies to include prescription birth control coverage, which could include abortion-inducing drugs. Opponents view this referendum as a way to increase uninformed voter turnout.
3. Additional 3% Income Tax – Should the Illinois Constitution be amended to require that each school district receive additional revenue, based on their number of students, from an additional 3 percent tax on income greater than one million dollars?
This referendum would drive more businesses and millionaires, who are already highly taxed, out of Illinois. Illinois is currently one of the nation’s top three income losing states — an estimated $20 billion lost as Illinoisans moved to other states over the past decade. If the temporary tax is made permanent, which Governor Patrick Quinn and Speaker Michael Madigan are recommending, the additional 3 percent brings the taxes of those making over one million annually up to 8 percent, one of the highest in the nation.

12 Responses to Elections 2014

  1. Murray says:

    Why isn’t Congressman Rodney Davis not mentioned in Congressional 13th District?

  2. web staff says:

    Rodney Davis isn’t listed because he runs from the TEA Party. He doesn’t hold town halls to answer questions. His voting record isn’t terrible, but citizens deserve access to their elected officials. Erika Harold is willing to talk anytime and she exudes conservative values.

  3. Jeff Gibbs says:

    Who does Illinois Tea Party endorse for Governor?

    • Greg dierker says:

      This is a great question. Hear rumors that Ruaner is supported by same people that support Rahm Emanuel??? Is he wolf in sheeps clothing?

  4. Kimo says:

    Rauner is a Rhino (yes that means a wolf in sheep’s clothing). Do a google search and you can find info on all the candidates. According to Illinois Family Institute, Rauner gave abysmal answers as far as I am concerned on all of the questions. Brady and Dillard answered them correctly, again in my opinion. However, doing a google search on them I found that Oberweis thinks that Obama is doing a great job on foreign affairs (I find that appalling). Truax thinks that under Obama our foreign has been a complete failure. Both think that Obamacare needs to be repealed however, Oberweis thinks it needs to be replaced with yet another government program. I’m voting for Truax. Finally, the Illinois Tea Party endorses Grogan for Treasurer. All this can be found by searching the internet. Hope this helps.

  5. Ron Jaeger says:

    Regarding our discernment for a Governor: with Dillard’s support for Obama (http://blogs.chicagotribune.com/news_columnists_ezorn/2010/01/shame-on-kirk-dillard-for-showing-even-a-hint-of-bipartisanship.html) and Rauner’s lack of statements of what he is for or will do, is Brady our only choice remaining??? Rutherford has denounced the allegations against him and there does not seem to be much support for him nor does he have a platform for leading Illinois out of the state of despotism status.

  6. R. Endsley Price Jr. says:

    Where can one who lives in Huntley find a list if Tea Party endorsed candidates?

  7. Please send me a list of the Illinois TEA Party endorsements — tfrc@aol.com.

    • iteap says:

      There is not a list of TEA party endorsements because local TEA parties are independent. Some are non-profits and are prohibited from endorsing individual candidates. For more information about candidates in your area, refer to a local group. Thanks.

      • Brian says:

        I’m confused. If this is not a list of endorsements… why did staff say this, “Rodney Davis isn’t listed because he runs from the TEA Party. He doesn’t hold town halls to answer questions. His voting record isn’t terrible, but citizens deserve access to their elected officials. Erika Harold is willing to talk anytime and she exudes conservative values.”… is that not an endorsement of Harold?

  8. An Informed Voter says:

    Rep. Hultgren has not held a single town hall this year but instead has either sent his staff or has held topic specific events such as ending sex trafficking or his recent forum on healthcare where questions on topics other than healthcare would have been inappropriate. You mentioned that you are disappointed that Rodney Davis does not do public events so I am curious if you will make the same criticism of Mr. Hultgren?

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