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Last month, the Obama administration said it lacked “the statutory authority to extend the open enrollment period” for Obamacare. Moreover, when embattled Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was asked by Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) during testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee if she planned to delay the Obamacare enrollment deadline, Sebelius said flatly, “No, sir.”

On Tuesday, however, the White House announced it has decided to extend Obamacare’s open enrollment period another two to three weeks, marking this at least the 29th Obamacare delay. The White House says it plans to use the “honor system” for those wishing to enroll past the March 31 deadline. According to the Washington Post, the Obama White House will “not try to determine whether the person is telling the truth.”

The Obama administration’s deadline extension is merely the latest in what has become a regular pattern of delays and blown deadlines. Insurance executives say they are frustrated with the White House’s endless changes because they affect their ability to accurately analyze risk pools for enrollees to calculate and project future premium rates.

“We’re exasperated,” one senior insurance executive told The Hill. “All of these major delays on very significant portions of the law are going to change what it’s going to cost.”

Insurance industry officials now predict that many Obamacare premiums will double over the next several months leading up to the Nov. 4 midterm elections.

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Quinn’s three budget falsehoods

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In January 2011 Illinois politicians pushed through a record income tax increase that raised the income -tax rate on individuals to 5 percent from 3 percent, and on corporations to 7 percent from 4.8 percent.

After passing the record tax hike, Gov. Quinn went on record saying:

“We have some temporary tax increases [falsehood No. 1] that are designed to pay our bills [falsehood No. 2], get Illinois back on fiscal sound footing and make sure that our state has a strong economy [falsehood No. 3].”


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America won the Cold War against the Soviet Union. However, its economy is beginning to show features of the cronyism that has run rampant in state-run economies which have emerged since then, according to Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer.

Schweizer, a leading expert on the Cold War and crony capitalism in American politics, said while America won the Cold War, America’s system of capitalism in the process got infected with a sort of tapeworm because we have “moved in the direction to become more like Russia rather than them becoming more like us.”

On Breitbart News Saturday with co-hosts Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon and Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow, Schweizer said that after the Soviet Union came apart, the strongest network for building businesses consisted of former KGB agents because they had “all the relationships, contacts, information.”

That is why, he said, people like Putin and his colleagues were able to leverage their networks to sell off state assets to the oligarchs.

“Crony capitalism and the rise of Putin’s Russia are deeply connected,” Schweizer said. “[Connected businesses] got a firehouse sale where they were able to get their assets for pennies on the dollar.”

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Last week Al Sharpton embraced convicted vote fraudster Melowese Richardson at a “voting rights” rally in Cincinnati.  The United States Department of Justice under Eric Holder has done nothing to Melowese Richardson 410 days after she admitted on camera that she committed multiple federal felonies by voting six times for President Obama’s reelection.

Federal law makes it a felony to vote more than once for President.  In fact, 42 U.S.C. Section 1973i(e) subjects Richardson to twenty-five years in federal prison for her six votes for Obama.

The lack of DOJ action against an unrepentant federal vote fraudster combined with Richardson’s lionization by Sharpton and the organization that sponsored the rally demonstrates how the Justice Department is facilitating a culture of brazen criminality on the eve of the 2014 midterm elections.  The failure to indict Richardson is the latest example of Holder’s department excusing lawlessness in federal elections and abandoning law abiding Americans.

Melowese Richardson was charged with state voter fraud crimes in Ohio.  She was found guilty and sentenced to five years in prison on July 7, 2013. Unfortunately, instead of serving five years, Richardson was set free after only eight months.

A state court judge dismissed her May 2013 conviction and five-year prison sentence and allowed her to plead no contest to four counts of illegal voting, the same charges for which she was convicted.

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The Chicago-based polling firm Ogden & Fry attributes State Senator Kirk Dillard’s second place finish in the GOP gubernatorial primary to 65,000 Democrats that pulled a GOP ballot on Election Day.

“The polling before the 2014 Republican Primary for Governor was pretty consistent. All the polls had Bruce Rauner with a comfortable double-digit lead. The unions made a strong late push for Dillard, but their efforts did not gain traction with Republican voters,” a press release said.

A significant 65,000 Democrat crossover vote made an impact by narrowing Rauner’s victory to only 4%, Ogden & Fry said in an election review analysis.

“The expected turnout of 750,000 voters jumped to a noticeably higher 815,000. If the 65,000 crossover votes are removed from Dillard, the actual Republican turnout was pretty close to the pre-election polls,” they said.

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The Primaries are Over

Congratulations to liberty candidates who won their primaries and thank you so much to all of our volunteers who walked precincts, made calls, donations, put up signs, and everyone who contacted their friends and neighbors to get out and vote!

Whatever your role was – it makes a difference!  Across the state, there was progress for fiscal sanity in Illinois.  Was it enough?  Absolutely not.

A few of the races where fiscal conservatives won:

Larry Kaefish – 8th Congressional District – 71% of the vote

Chris Nybo – Senate District 24


State Reps:

Mark Ekhoff – District 34

Jeannie Ives – Re-elected District 42

Peter Breen – District 48 (defeated incumbent Sandy Pihos)

Keith Wheeler – District 50

John D. Anthony – District 75

Mark Batinick – District 97

Reggie Phillips – District 110

Andrew Gasser, McHenry County  Board – and his team – including Rod Covenah – Algonquin Tea Party

Kevin Wiley – DuPage County Board

Bill Prim – McHenry County Sheriff

Char Foss-Eggemann – Maine Township Committeewoman

Carl Segvich – Republican Precinct Ward

Allen Skillicorn and Kane County team - Defeated Kane County Cares Tax

Diane Benjamin and McLean County team - Defeated 1% tax increase


EACH of these races had it’s own story that required great efforts!

Toughest Losses:  Bob Grogan vs. Tom Cross – No ONE worked harder, and deserved to win, more than Bob.  He ran an ethical campaign for 14 months – based on job experience. Tom Cross, Rep. Minority Leader, gave up his seat, and with nowhere to run, had to dump tons of $$’s to convince Republicans to vote for him State Treasurer – and now he wants to balance the budget.

Ron Sandack 6752 votes – Keith Matune 6600 – District 81 – Sandack blatantly asked Democrats to vote for him  “What DOES the Republican party stand FOR?” is all we ask. Jim Durkin spent $180,000 to protect incumbent.

Matune lost by 153 votes, and graciously thanked everyone for all their efforts. Sandack laughed ‘Oh.My.’  Perhaps he should ask why he almost lost his own district, when a complete new face primaried him. Or run as a Democrat.


Biggest Loser:  Mike Madigan – Toni Berrios (her father is county party chairman) lost to Will Buzzardi by an unbelievable 21 points.

Madigan’s Rep. Naomi Jackson lost 57-43 to Sam Rosenberg

Madigan had at least 5 critical races he lost – won 2

Democrats not showing ‘love’ for Madigan after pension bill passed.

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Illinois Election Results

Visit Politico Election site to see county-by-county results for national and gubernatorial results HERE

Visit NBC Chicago Election Center for additional statewide races HERE


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Illinois Review -

By Mark Weyermuller -

I’m reporting what everybody is saying: Voter turnout is low. I voted in Wilmette at 7:30a.m. being the sixth voter of the day. This precinct at Saint Joseph’s Church has 820 registered voters. At this rate, it would be 52 votes or 15.7% as a predicted turnout.

These elections today are the midterm primaries by party including governor, senate, congress, treasurer, state house &  senate, judges, committeemen, and several other races. The winners will face off in November of 2014.

Later in the day, I played in my seniors volleyball league at Hamlin Park in Roscoe Village.  There were two precincts there in the other gym with about 1500 possible voters.  At noon, between the two only 41 people had voted indicating a prediction of 20% turnout. For the record, I did not vote here. They say in Chicago, vote early and often.

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MUST SEE: Warning to USA from France

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Illinois Review -

HICAGO – All four GOP gubernatorial candidates have released their Election Night plans, which range from a big party in downtown Chicago to a private invite-only gathering in Pontiac.

Bruce Rauner’s campaign has announced a celebration at the Chicago Hilton & Tower – Chicago, doors open at 7:30 PM for the public.

Kirk Dillard’s reception will begin at 7 at Ashyana Banquets 1620 75th Street, in DuPage County’s Downers Grove.

Bill Brady’s will be held at the Holiday Inn and Suites (across from Bloomington Airport) 3202 E. Empire Street, in his home town of Bloomington.

Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford released a more detailed accounting of his Election Day schedule. It indicates that he doesn’t plan to come out in first place Tuesday night, because his reception will be for invitees only and it is closed to the media.

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