IRS Employees Union: Keep Us Out Of Exchanges


by Loren Heal

The National Treasury Employees Union, NTEU, which represents the IRS employees who harassed and delayed tea party and conservative groups, has come out against the proposal to put federal workers into exchange-based health insurance.

Fancy that: the people in charge of deciding whether you go into an exchange, and who decided it doesn’t matter whether your state doesn’t want one, don’t want to be in one themselves.

As Jeffrey Lord of The American Spectator points out (hat tip, American Thinker),

With the IRS assuming serious police powers of Obamacare, in effect the members of one left-wing labor union will have access to the private health care records of every single American.

While it’s fine to investigate whether President Obama and higher ups at Treasury knew about or even ordered the IRS to harass conservatives and slow-walk their applications, Congress should investigate whether the NTEU members colluded.

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