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The following is the Executive Summary of the Concealed Carry Bill that looks like it will be presented to the House – possibly tomorrow:

SB 2193 (Forby/Phelps): House Concealed Carry Proposal

  • Statewide shall-issue licensing standard;
  • Strictly preempts authority of local governments to regulate firearms;
  • No special “endorsement” or permit required for licensee to carry in Chicago or Cook County;
    • Grants licensee broad right to carry in a vehicle, including within a vehicle in the parking lot of a prohibited area;
  • License to be issued by State Police;
  • $150 Fee;
  • 5-year license;
  • 16 hours of training (Including Live Fire Exercise)

Up to 8 hours of training completed in another state can be counted toward this requirement.
Renewal application requires 3 hours of training, plus re-qualification on the firing range.

Carrying prohibited on public transportation, in State and local government buildings, and in other areas defined in this legislation;

  • Effective immediately; Applications to be available within 180 days;
  • Allows law enforcement to object to an application on Basis of “clear and present danger to self or others, or threat to public safety,” which triggers review by Concealed Carry Licensing Board (created by this legislation);
  • Denial of application by ISP is subject to administrative review, pursuant to the Illinois Administrative Review Law; final administrative decision is subject to judicial review;
  • Denial of application by Concealed Carry Licensing Board is subject to judicial review;
  • Application to be processed within 90 days (unless subject to review by Concealed Carry Licensing Board).

The time for processing a license application subject to the maximum amount of scrutiny allowed under the provisions of this bill would be approximately 180 days.

While applicants are not required to submit fingerprints, the State Police would be allowed an additional 30 days to process the application if the applicant does not submit a set of fingerprints.

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