April Fool’s Day was more than a month ago, but that didn’t stop DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse from emailing supporters Friday that the GOP was “making up so-called ‘scandals’ out of thin air.” This will obviously be news to the three IRS employees who have been forced to resign or placed on leave. It will also be news to the dozens of reporters who had their phone records seized by the Justice Department. “Out of thin air” obviously means something different to Democrats.

“Getting in President Obama’s way has been the top priority for Republicans in Congress since day one,” Woodhouse writes. “But now they’ve gone too far. They’ve been caught red-handed making up so-called ‘scandals’ out of thin air to stir up false rumors of vast ‘cover-ups’ happening in the White House.”

In the category of “going too far,” I personally would nominate the IRS for targeting tea party and conservative groups for inappropriate scrutiny. Or, perhaps, the IRS leadership who misled Congress about the targeting and kept the scandal from the public for more than a year. Of course, there is also the decision by the Justice Department to name an investigative reporter as a “co-conspirator” on leaking classified information.

This entire week has provided many contenders for the “going too far” prize. Unfortunately for Democrats, though, they are all within the Obama Administration.

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