Open the Books Portal #3 in app store



 #3 in “The App” Store
Open The Books App
May 29th, 2013
“The App” store Rankings

Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal published an opinion editorial, Track Government Spending on Your Phone. It led to so much interest that the Open The Books mobile application surged to #3 in The App Store!

Read the original Wall Street Journal article here

Here’s what others are saying about Open The Books:
“This may be the smartest thing smart phones have produced yet.”

Teresa Mull, American Spectator 


“The Open the Books app is on the cutting edge of government transparency. As government data becomes more available, apps like Open the Books are going to produce the public oversight of government we badly need.”

 Jim Harper, Cato Institute, Washington D.C.

This is only the beginning…
Soon, Open the Books will announce improvements in the app; a new web-based search product; and continuing expansion of data.

Visit the website, or download the free app inThe App Store or the Google Play Store.

 Stay tuned for more cool stuff from
Adam Andrzejewski
Founder, Open The Books
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