Illinois Citizens Push Back against Unfair Election Law

Open letter to citizens of Illinois

by Claire Van Horn-

The Illinois State Legislature was coming to a close this week, but the session did not end without a storm of controversy.  HB2418 came to the floor of the House, then the Senate and back to the House in a whirlwind between Wednesday and Thursday.  There were complaints on the floor that there were too many items jammed in to this bill that required careful consideration and issues that required research before it should come to a vote.

Citizens throughout Illinois agreed, and came together yesterday contacting their representatives, sending a clear message to vote ‘no’ on HB2418, and that we are adamant about protecting our American right to free and fair elections. Phone lines and emails in Springfield lit up as people demanded that our voter integrity rights be protected.

We would like to thank the legislators who realized that the bill compromises election integrity and appreciate those who were willing to take the time to listen to their constituents about why the bill is wrong for Illinois.  Many had a different agenda.

By a vote of 66-49-2, HB 2418 passed.  This bill will ensure that vote fraud will be rampant throughout the entire state.

HB 2418:

  • Allows the government of Illinois to target one County: Lake County, by changing the “rules of the game” when the opposing side can’t win any other way.  Lake County tax payers will lose local control of their elections; will add more layers of government.

“In essence, what it does is create another unfunded mandate out of Springfield that will cost the county an additional $600,000 to administer elections that we already do very well,” said Aaron Lawlor, Lake County board chairman said in an interview with Lisa Black of the Chicago Tribune.

Illinois has apparently not learned anything from the IRS controversy that targeting specific groups is diametrically in opposition to a free society.

  • Voter registration forms and ballots will now be “on-line”.  When questioned about the ability of the election commissions throughout the state to have the time, manpower, and ability to ensure the validity of online registrants, Rep Currie’s had the audacity to comment that 14 other states have it, so it must be o.k.  You can’t compare Illinois with other states.  We rank lowest in almost everything regarding quality of life, while ranking highest in crime statistics and murders.
  • Provisional ballot changes allow people to vote outside of their own precinct where they are registered.  As a result, you will vote with a provisional ballot which requires your name. If the jurisdiction where you are voting doesn’t match your precinct, the clerk will open your ballot and “re-write” it on the correct ballot style.  This eliminates your right to a secret ballot, and creates great opportunities for manipulation of your votes.  This is desecration of the free and fair elections that we are guaranteed by our Constitution as Americans.

Citizens are calling on Governor Quinn to veto HB2418.

CLICK HERE for Governor Quinn Contact Information

Chicago has always been the laughing stock of the country regarding election integrity.  We should not allow the rest of the state to be swallowed up in the same corrupt practices and will continue this fight as it is too important to us and to future generations to give up.  The essence of being an American is a fair and honest election.  If our elections are not honest, we are not truly free.

If you believe in the importance of an honest and fair election, and value your voter rights, please go to , click on the “portal” and sign up today.

Claire Van Horn,

State Coordinator for election integrity in Illinois,

Empowered by “True the Vote”

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