Breitbart –

by Rebel Pundit

Protesters from all sides of the political spectrum protested President Obama on Wednesday evening outside a fundraiser he attended for the DCCC in Chicago.

Not only is the president wildly unpopular with the right, he also seems to be losing his flare with the radical left. However, no one seems to be calling the left-wing protesters racists like the Tea Party was for protesting the president early in his first term.

At Wednesday’s protests outside the Chicago Hilton, pro-life groups lined Michigan Ave. with giant images of aborted children, standing alongside protesters from the Sierra Club against the Keystone Pipeline, illegal aliens calling for open borders, anarchists against the police state, communists against freedom, independent veterans who are fed up with the Obama regime, and even a group of Native Americans singing and chanting.

I spoke with some of the nearly 200 protesters on hand, although most that I attempted to interview expressed fear of speaking with “Breitbart.” Those not afraid of Breitbart News were instructed by organizers and random protesters not to speak with this reporter, despite the opportunity to get their message out. One protester warned another, “The man is dangerous,” while encouraging her not to be interviewed.

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