Lawsuit: IRS, OSHA, ATF, FBI probed tea party group


Jerome Corsi –

NEW YORK – The scandal involving IRS discrimination against conservative groups is about to reach a new level of intensity.

A top Washington-based lawyer with expertise in IRS tax-exempt organizations has filed the first of several anticipated federal lawsuits against the IRS that will force the agency to hand over documents and answer questions under oath.

“We are going to require documents and testimony from all the IRS higher-ups and agents involved that we know were involved with reviewing the True the Vote application,” attorney Cleta Mitchell explained to WND in an interview.

“We are going to find out through the process of discovery in this lawsuit exactly what the IRS was doing, who was doing it, why they were doing it,” she said.

Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of True the Vote, agrees.

“Cleta Mitchell’s strategy to press for discovery against the IRS, to my mind right now, is the best opportunity to pull back the layers of the IRS scandal and understand who knew what, when,” Engelbrecht told WND.

Engelbrecht said she intends to work very closely with Mitchell in the federal lawsuit filed against the IRS.

She said her non-partisan organization, which filed for tax-exempt status three years ago, has been “singled out, and I want to know who pointed those agencies at us.”

During that time, her family business and the personal finances of her and her husband have been audited for two years, she said.

Her business was subjected to Occupational Safety and Health Administration audits that found only minor problems but resulted in fines totaling $25,000.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives subjected her business to an unannounced audit, and the FBI began plying the Engelbrechts with questions that seemed more like a fishing expedition than a serious inquiry.

Mitchell, a partner in the Washington law firm Foley & Lardner LLP, is widely known in the nation’s capital as a legal powerhouse who commands wide respect among GOP conservatives for her ability to cause grief to Democrats playing fast and loose with the law in pursuit of a liberal agenda.

With more than 40 years experience in law, politics and public policy, Mitchell has extensive expertise representing conservatives seeking to form and operate IRS tax-exempt 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 groups.

“I believe through the process of discovery, we are going to discover an ongoing, systematic and pervasive IRS pattern of using the tax code to discriminate against and harass conservative activists and tax-exempt foundations seeking tax-exempt status to promote conservative causes,” Mitchell said.

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