Session wrap up: move against progressive Illinois income tax continues to gain momentum

Illinois Policy Institute

Illinois lawmakers want to pass another multibillion dollar tax increase in Illinois in the form of aprogressive income tax. That discussion materialized earlier this year when state Rep. Naomi Jakobsson, D-Urbana, proposed an amendment (HJRCA 2) to swap out Illinois’ constitutionally protected flat rate income tax for a progressive tax.

The plan is to make permanent the temporary 2011 tax hike and to swap out Illinois’ constitutionally protected flat rate income tax for a progressive income tax. That scheme lets lawmakers tax personal income at ever-increasing tax rates as income increases. That’s in stark contrast to Illinois’ current income tax, which applies the same flat rate to all income.

The progressive income tax is a money grab disguised as tax reform.

If successful, this tax increase would further stifle Illinois’ already struggling economy. A progressive income tax will mean higher taxes for middle-class Illinoisans and would destroy much-needed jobs for poor and working-class families.

The good news is state Rep. David McSweeney, R-Barrington Hills, introduced a measure that opposes efforts to pass a progressive income tax (HR 241). This resolution gained 46 sponsors and bipartisan support.

McSweeney’s effort to oppose the next multi-billion tax increase in Illinois is a great example of the leadership that Illinois so desperately needs. Lawmakers already broke their promise regarding how they were going to use the additional money from the record 2011 tax hike – they haven’t earned the right to take even more money from hardworking families in Illinois.

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