Message from Darlene Ruscitti – Dupage GOP Chair

The General Assembly ended its legislative session Friday without resolving Illinois’ pension funding crisis.   It took just one business day for major financial rating firms to downgrade Illinois’ credit rating even further.

The pension funding crisis and the overall abysmal financial management have already pulled our state over the fiscal cliff. This continuing fiscal debacle will cost Illinois more jobs and future investment. It will also cost more citizens their savings, their security, their jobs and their homes.

The Democratically controlled House and Senate could not compromise on a bill to reform the pension fund, protect taxpayers, aid local governments and save our schools.

Illinois is suffering from a colossal lack of leadership. Under Democratic leadership, if it can be called that, Illinois has the second highest unemployment rate in the nation and is ranked 48th in economic outlook. This current ‘leadership’ has put partisan politics and self-interest above the public interest.

The pension crisis was only one issue among many that the General Assembly failed to resolve. We, the taxpayers, employ these representatives to work for the public good. We pay them to manage our State and protect our interests, not to kick the tough issues down the road.

How do we end this fiasco? We go back to a two-party system. The overwhelming Democratic majority has effectively ended honest debate and discourse. Illinois needs new ideas, new solutions, a new commitment to fiscal discipline and new leaders.

The Democratic Party’s lock on Illinois is taking a terrible toll on our families, our communities and our future.   It is time to get involved; run for office, work for candidates you believe in, and above all, vote for different leadership for Illinois.

If not, we may discover there is no way back from the fiscal cliff.


Darlene Ruscitti

DuPage GOP Chair

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