Non-accountability marches onward at the IRS

Red State –

How is the great crusade to bring accountability to the IRS coming along?  According to Eliana Johnson at National Reviewthe Director of Rulings and Agreements, Holly Paz, just became “the fifth Washington D.C.-based IRS official involved in the current scandal to leave her position.”

According to the House Oversight Committee, Paz was involved in an internal IRS investigation that in May 2012 concluded that the agency had been discriminating against conservative groups. That was a year before a Treasury Department inspector General’s report reached the same conclusion, but Paz and others at the IRS failed to inform Congress of the findings of the internal investigation. During the inspector general’s own investigation, Paz, who National Review Online revealed is a donor to Barack Obama, sat in on the vast majority of the interviews conducted by the inspector general’s team. House Oversight Committee chairman Darrell Issa harshly criticized inspector general J. Russell for allowing that, saying it was “inappropriate” to include anybody in the agency in the interviews who could have participated in the targeting of conservative groups.

Well, it sure does sound like she had to go.  What became of former Director of Rulings and Agreements Paz?  Run out of town on a rail?  Tarred and feathered?  Hung on the rack and forced to read Maureen Dowd columns until her mind broke, and she began referring to herself as “Reek?”

The IRS source says the memo did not indicate whether [Paz] has been moved to a new position, placed on leave, or fired.

Oh.  So American taxpayers with unfashionable political views may yet be at her mercy.  I don’t see anything in there about punishment or reprimand.  Politico also has a story about Paz, and they don’t know what happened to her, either.  They inquired with the IRS, but the agency “didn’t immediately respond to questions about the personnel change.”

What about the other four scalps claimed by this scandal in Eliana Johnson’s tally?  Did I miss some sort of bureaucratic massacre while I was writing juicy emails to keep the boys at the NSA Department of Omniscience entertained?

Paz is the fifth Washington, D.C.-based IRS official involved in the current scandal to leave her position. She follows Carter Hull, a tax law specialist accused of micromanaging Cincinnati’s handling of tea-party applications; Joseph Grant, the head of the Tax Exempt and Government Entities division, who retired on June 3, just eight days after being promoted; acting commissioner Steven Miller, who announced his resignation days after news of the scandal broke; and Lois Lerner, the director of the Exempt Organizations division and the figure most closely associated with the targeting of conservative groups, who was placed on paid administrative leave after refusing to tender her resignation.

Nope, looks like I didn’t miss anything.  No one has been fired over this scandal.  If Paz actually did get sacked, she would be the first… and the agency’s reluctance to disclose her fate means they’re not exactly making an example out of her.  Carter Hull is retiring gracefully later this summer.  Joseph Grant was also allowed to retire without censure or reprimand.  The official IRS announcement of his departure, issued on May 16, read as follows:

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