Is the Farm Bill’s Rejection Proof of a New Crop of Principled Politicians?

The Heritage Foundation –

The House of Representatives yesterday rejected a nearly trillion-dollar food stamp and farm bill. This is an important victory for taxpayers and a reaffirmation of fiscal responsibility. It is also a slap in the face for the Washington Establishment.

For some time now, The Heritage Foundation has been highlighting this bill and how it does not do what most people think it does. Encouraging lawmakers to reconsider the farm bill has long been a priority for Heritage–even though the Washington Establishment was sure it would sail through Congress.

Our efforts have paid off. Congress will no doubt look to the farm bill debate as an indication of what can happen when the American people are informed and engaged.

Heritage’s Rob Bluey explains how the bill did not pass:

Sixty-two Republicans bucked their own party to vote against the bloated bill. Coupled with a large bloc of Democrats who wanted more spending on food stamps, the bipartisan opposition was enough to sink the measure. It’s unclear if or when House leaders will bring the bill back to the floor for a vote.

Thanks to your efforts, Congress is listening to you. Taxpayers have seen enough wasteful and reckless spending come out of Washington. They are tired of the backroom deals and the political grandstanding. Hopefully, the sinking of the farm bill heralds a new era of principled decision making on Capitol Hill.



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