GOP: Obamacare delay may be illegal

Daily Caller –

President Barack Obama may be breaking his Obamacare law by delaying its tax penalties on employers that don’t provide health care to employees, according to GOP leaders. The question comes in the days after Obama’s deputies’ June 2 announcement  that employers will get a one-year holiday from the federal tax penalties included in the massive Obamacare law.

Administration officials haven’t explained their legal reasoning, and they haven’t scheduled any public briefings to explain the move.

That has prompted complaints form GOP leaders, who say the president has repeatedly chosen to ignore laws.

“The president has delayed a critical component of the Affordable Care Act,” said a statement from Rep. Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Government Reform Committee, who opposes the Obamacare law.

“This is another in a string of extra legal actions taken by his administration to mask the horrible impact his law will have on the economy and health care in the United States,” said the statement.

Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King, also slammed the announcement.

In June 2012, “Obama refused to enforce current immigration law-very bad,” he said in a June 3 tweet. “Now, he refuses to enforce his own law… The law is specific & must go into effect day one of 2014,” he said.

“Only lawful alternative is for Obama to ask Congress 2 fix.”

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