Open Enrollment under Obamacare. What you need to know right now

C. Steven Tucker

Beginning 1/1/14 and ending 4/1/14 the first national ‘Open Enrollment’ period begins under Obamacare. During this ‘Open Enrollment’ period, applicants will be able to purchase health insurance coverage on a guaranteed issue basis (without regard to preexisting conditions) from any carrier in the country that offers a QHP – ‘Qualified Health Plan’.

Providing you live in a state that opens their exchange on schedule, you will be able to begin shopping for QHP’s on 10/1/13, albeit coverage can not begin until 1/1/14. After this first national Open Enrollment period ends on 4/1/14 Individual & Family applicants will not be able to get coverage for preexisting conditions unless they enroll in an Employer Sponsored Group health insurance plan. Outside of that, applicants seeking individual or family coverage will have to wait until the next national Open Enrollment period which is scheduled to begin on or about 10/1/14 and end on 12/31/14. This is especially true since all state high risk pools will be dissolved and their policy holders will be forced to purchase coverage inside Obamacare exchanges. In other words, you can not ‘keep your plan’ as president Obama promised you could over and over.

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