It’s A Gift From Heaven, But Only If We Take Advantage Of It

Illinois Conservative Examiner

The people of Illinois have the opportunity of a lifetime before them. The Chicago Democrat Machine runs the state government with an iron hand and the behavior of a dictatorship. They have no intention of giving up that power. But we can take that power away from them. It is July 2013 and in the next eighteen months we have the opportunity to reclaim our state, our freedom and our financial futures. How? Through the ballot box.

By Walter Theodore

There are those who say life is measured in shades of grey. I disagree, life is, in reality,  black and white; good and bad and we have to decide which side we’re on.

Thanks to bitter infighting within the Democrat party, the office of governor is up for grabs. Governor Pat Quinn’s approval rating is one of the lowest in the country and his own party leaders distrust him and sabotage his legislation.  If the Republicans can get their act together and offer a conservative-minded fiscal reformer on their party’s ballot next November we can reclaim the governor’s office and set in motion a wave of support for GOP contenders for seats in the state Senate and House.

Coming off a spring/summer session in which all of his top legislative priorities have failed, Quinn has become a punching bag not for the Right but for his own party. The Machine has always hated Quinn, considering him a populist “bomb thrower” and not very bright. They are correct on one point; he’s not the brightest bulb in Illinois politics.

House Speaker Michael Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton haven’t help Quinn’s chances after they did little to ensure Quinn’s top legislative priorities became a reality: Fixing Illinois’ $97 billion pension problem, legalizing same-sex marriage and approving gun control measures that Quinn wanted passed. They haven’t. Madigan is the father of one Quinn challenger; state Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

Quinn isn’t a populist, he is an opportunist who has eagerly grabbed onto a host of liberal progressive ideas in an effort to gain enough support to secure the nomination and victory next November.

Much to his chagrin, there are gaggle of Chicago Machine stalwarts quietly lining up and cheerfully making plans to batter Quinn into retirement and claim the throne in Springfield. The list isn’t yet long but it is unsavory.  Neither of the “declared” Democrats: the daughter of the Speaker House, and the brother of Richie Daley, will bring new thinking to Illinois and our state capital, only more Chicago Democrat Machine policies. The two Dems are:

  • Illinois Att. General Lisa Madigan
  • Bill Daley. Former White House chief of staff to Barack Obama and brother to former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.
  • We can expect to see three or four more Democrats to throw their hats into the ring.
  • There’s also the current Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel, another Obama stalwart, whose head is so inflated he make a run at it or manufacture a candidate who will do his bidding.

So what’s to be done and how does the GOP win the governorship in 2014?

The TEA Party ground game prior to the 2010 Midterm elections was the decisive factor in the repudiation of the Democrat Party. It was their neighborhood teams, canvasses, phone banks, and your donations that helped give Republicans the resources it needed — that changed the face of American politics and gave the GOP control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

And thank God for that. Without a Republican House, this nation would be in total financial collapse and our policies would be under the oversight of left-wing progressives, the gay lobby, the atheists, Russia and Islamic fundamentalism.

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