Obama To Congress: Help Me Grab More Power

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I have to admit, Obama’s brassy shamelessness is so amazing I am, in a way, tempted to be impressed. The man who is using his executive powers in way that even surpass the maneuvers of George W. Bush has now put Congress on notice that he expects them to help him gain more power to do more in the executive branch. According toPolitico:

“President Barack Obama called Monday on Congress to give him the authority to reorganize executive branch agencies, as he outlined a vision for greater government efficiency that he’s repeated throughout his term. ‘We’re doing a lot of this work administratively. But, unfortunately, there are still a bunch of rules, a lot of legislation that has poorly designed some of our agencies and forces some of our folks to engage in bureaucratic hoop-jumping, instead of just going ahead and focusing on mission and delivering good service to our citizens,’ Obama said in the State Dining Room, echoing much of what he said in early 2012 when he used a similar East Room ceremony to ask Congress for the authority and to propose a reshaping of trade-related agencies.”

This is the same president who, on his own authority, unilaterally changed a law passed by Congress—the Affordable Care Act—in order to help his own party. Apparently deciding that its nickname, Obamacare, gave him personal ownership he simply stopped part of the law. As Roll Call reported,

“President Barack Obama’s latest legal end run around Congress — delaying enforcement of the employer health mandate — has sparked more questions about whether he’s abusing his executive discretion under the Constitution. The move … was the latest in a string of decisions where the president, facing a divided Congress unable to get much done beyond keeping the government running, has taken matters into his own hands. Where a previous president might have asked for a legislative fix if a mandate was proving too onerous for business, the Obama administration put out a couple of blog posts saying that, in listening to the business community, it decided not to enforce a key part of the 3-year-old health law for another year.”

This mirrors other alegal actions by Obama, such as when he decided to stop defending DOMA even though it was still the law of the land. It reflects the amazing number of “Czars” he appointed. It also corresponds with the unprecedented expansion of the EPA’s interventions.

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