No Pension Fix No Pay For Lawmakers Says Governor Quinn

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Leadership is something that Illinois Governor Pat Quinn isn’t all that familiar with.  Illinois has an unfunded pension liability problem of $100 billion that grows by more than ten million dollars a day.  We have known the states pension system is broken and bankrupting the state for years now and yet lawmakers in Springfield have been unable to do anything on the issue.

Because Gov. Quinn, Senate President John Cullerton, and Speaker of the House Mike Madigan can’t agree on what to do about the pension crisis we have limped along.

That lack of action on the part of the Democrat party leadership has been a principle cause for the credit rating downgrades Illinois has gotten in recent months.

In an effort to finally have some action taken on the pension problem Gov. Quinn called the state legislature into a special session to deal with the states pension system.  That special session has come and gone and again no action has been taken.

This has in turned caused Gov. Quinn to try to block the pay of the states lawmakers.

Illinois Review has more:

Governor Pat Quinn said the people of Illinois are tired of excuses, and the people of Illinois are forced to take action, so he’s vetoing a portion of SB 214 – a budget bill – that provides salaries and stipends for legislators. There will be no pay for lawmakers or the governor until the pension reform has been enacted.

“I’ve tried everything over the past few years to get the legislature’s attention on pensions,” Quinn told reporters. “Everytime they’ve blown a deadline, the taxpayers pay.”

The state’s credit rating has suffered with the “pension cloud” over Illinois, he said. “The lawmakers need to wake up and pay attention.”

This move by Gov. Quinn has quickly drawn a rebuke from Illinois comptroller Judy Baar Topinka who is going to look into the legality and constitutionality of Quinn’s pay freeze.

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