Will Concealed-Carry Make Citizens Safer? ‘Not in Elmhurst,’ Chief Says

The Elmhurst Patch –

Elmhurst Police Chief Michael Ruth says local and state law enforcement officials are grappling with myriad questions posed by Illinois’ new concealed-carry law. “It’s just speculation at this point,” he said.

With passage of concealed-carry legislation in Illinois this week, police departments around the state are likely grappling with the implications of more guns on the streets, albeit in the hands of law-abiding citizens.

The devil is in the details, Elmhurst Police Chief Michael Ruth said, and his department is in a holding pattern with regard to concealed-carry because they haven’t seen the final legislation yet.

“We’re waiting to see the finished, signed legislation,” he said Thursday. “Everything we’re picking up is coming from the media right now. We’re looking for something to be sent out through the Illinois Chiefs of Police Association … in the next seven to 10 days.”

Regardless of the details, the legislation will provide for citizens, once they complete an approved training course and pass a background check, to carry a concealed weapon on the streets of Elmhurst. It’s not a new concept. Until now, Illinois was the only state in the country that didn’t allow concealed-carry.

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