U.S. Tax System Ranks 94th Out Of 100 — Right Below Zimbabwe

Forbes –

Well, is the U.S. tax system competitive? Many global companies say it isn’t. In his recent Senate testimony, Apple AAPL -0.23% CEO Tim Cook distanced Apple from tax gimmicks, but the Senate Permanent Investigation Subcommittee report on Apple paints a grim picture. Many companies are even more aggressive and say our tax system is at fault. See Apple: Think Different. Tax Different.

Individuals complain too. U.S. citizens and permanent residents must report their worldwide income. Of late, that rule has landed many in hot water. SeeForget Wesley Snipes–Judge Gives ’5 Second Probation’ In $21M Tax Case. Americans living abroad and dual citizens are hit especially hard. See Expats Lobby For Tax on Residence, Not Worldwide Income.

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