Illinois Review

GALESBURG – President Obama will be visiting Illinois’ Wednesday, stopping at Knox College in Galesburg – a district represented by U.S. Congressman Aaron Schock (IL-18). Schock, whose office said they were not aware of an invitation from the president to join him during his Galesburg visit, noted:

“I welcome President Obama back to America’s heartland to deliver another speech on the economy. Unfortunately, the President won’t be coming to Illinois to showcase our state as a shining example of a thriving economy, but one that is drowning under the weight of high taxes, mountains of red tape, and spending that has no limit. The numbers speak for themselves – the current unemployment rate in Illinois is 9.2%, 7.7% in Knox county, and 7.9% in Galesburg – all above the national average.

“President Obama should use this opportunity to offer a new and fresh path forward on how to grow the economy. He should not use this as an opportunity to further divide the American people. I stand ready, as I have been since we were both elected, to work with the President on policy initiatives we know can grow the economy; whether its comprehensive tax reform or transportation-infrastructure investments, there are numerous bipartisan examples of how the President and Congress can work together to create good paying American jobs.  Now is the time for Presidential leadership, not the partisan, campaign style tactics we have all seen as President Obama has traveled around the country in the past. Hardworking Illinoisans can literally not afford just another divisive speech with no way forward.”

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