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Two local television stations, NBC affiliates in Richmond, Virginia and Memphis, Tennessee, are reporting the comments of a former GreenTech Automotive production line employee who says that the company’s Horn City, Mississippi manufacturing plant produced only 30 electric vehicles during the year and a half he worked there. Most of the time, he says, “we wasn’t doing anything.”

“We were told when we first went in, in the fall of ’11, we were going to build 100 by Christmas,” he said. “Well that didn’t happen. Then we were told we were going to build ‘X’ amount through the year 2012, and that didn’t happen.”

According to the employee, when company executives brought potential investors through the plant on tours, “they would take everybody and put them out on the line and we would stand over the car with tools in our hand and look like we were doing something to the car, but we wasn’t doing anything,” he said.

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