‘Common Core’ education standards won’t be expelled

Daily Caller –

The implementation of Common Core, the new federal curriculum standards, will meet little resistance from state education officials, according to a new survey.

The survey was released by the Center on Education Policy, and found that most education administrators in the 50 states were both excited for Common Core and hopeful that it would be implemented without issue.

“In the vast majority (37) of the CCSS-adopting states participating in the survey, officials considered it unlikely that their state would reverse, limit or change its decision to adopt the standards during 2013-14,” wrote Diane Stark Rentner, the study’s author.

This narrative runs counter to the news of the last few weeks, in which several state legislatures voted to halt implementation over concerns about funding Common Core, as well as the rigor of the standards themselves.

The Michigan legislature began a series of hearings last week to determine whether Common Core will proceed as planned. And several other states — including Georgia and Oklahoma — have balked at the high cost of implementing the nationwide standardized test mandated by Common Core.

Opposition to the testing component of the standards has united some unusual political adversaries, including teachers unions that fear the tests could be used to hold them accountable for their students’ performance, and conservative activists who oppose spending money and raising taxes to cover the costs.

But among state education officials, support for the standards remains strong.

“A majority of CCSS-adopting states indicated support for particular legislative changes to the [Elementary and Secondary Education Act] that would directly assist state and district efforts to transition to the Common Core,” wrote Rentner.
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