Why Senator Mark Kirk must rejoin Mike Lee’s effort to defund Obamacare in the coming Continuing Resolution

After both the Illinois and Chicago Tea Party groups publicly praised and thanked Senator Mark Kirk on Wednesday July 24th for agreeing to stand with Senator Mike Lee in defunding Obamacare in the coming Continuing Resolution, Mr. Kirk reversed his decision to support Senator Lee less than 24 hours later on Thursday July 25th. No doubt Senator Kirk made this decision after pressure was applied to him by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

We contacted Senator Kirk’s office on Thursday July 25th, requesting a formal response from his office as to why he lost his resolve less than 24 hours later. As of Monday, July 29th, no such response has been received from Senator Kirk’s office.  We could not be more disappointed.

Since Senator Kirk has chosen to ignore the Illinois Tea Party’s request, we are now asking for your help. Please contact Senator Kirk via his website his Facebook page and his Twitter account and respectfully, but firmly, remind him that we need him to rejoin Senator Lee’s effort to defund Obamacare in the coming Continuing Resolution on 9/30/2013. Senator Kirk can also be reached via his offices in:

  • Chicago
    Phone: 312-886-3506
    Fax: 312-886-2117
  • Springfield
    Phone: 217-492-5089
    Fax: 217-492-5099
  • Washington, DC
    Fax: 202-228-4611

The coming Continuing Resolution is our last change to defund Obamacare before it’s full implementation. Excuses used by Republicans in the past such as “We don’t need to take a stand now because the Supreme Court will repeal Obamacare” or “We don’t need to take a stand now because President Obama won’t be reelected” are no longer valid. If not defunded on 9/30/2013, Obamacare will be fully implemented beginning as early as 10/1/2013 when Obamacare health insurance exchanges open around the country.

Lastly, the narrative from the Left, and from establishment Republicans, is that Senator Lee is calling for a  ‘government shut down’. Senator Lee said his intention is not to shut down the government. It’s about resisting a President that is selectively enforcing the law, something beyond his executive powers. 

“I don’t want a government shut down,” Senator Lee told The Washington Examiner. “A government shut down would be irresponsible and it would be unnecessary in this circumstance. It would be very unfortunate if Democrats were so insistent on funding the administration in its selective enforcement of this law, which the administration has admitted it isn’t prepared to implement and enforce. So, they shouldn’t do that and it’s a shame on them if they do.”

“The fact is that we can delay this bill, maybe we can’t repeal it right now, but we can delay its funding. And if we can delay it, we can stop its consequences, at least for now. And we have to do that. There are many of us who were elected specifically with this mandate, that we’ve got to stop this law. We have an even stronger reason to do that now because the president has said he is not going to enforce it. He is not ready to enforce. And so, he is going to selectively implement the law. Holding hardworking Americans to the fire, subjecting them to these horrendous fines, while simultaneously exempting big business, that’s not fair. It’s not right, and we shouldn’t fund that effort.” – Senator Mike Lee

Watch Senator Lee discuss the process of defunding Obamacare in the upcoming Continuing Resolution with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday – July 28, 2013.

On Friday July 26th AM560 The Answer radio host and former U.S. Congressman Joe Walsh made it very clear why Senator Kirk needs to rejoin Senator Lee’s efforts. Click here to listen to the replay.

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2 Responses to Why Senator Mark Kirk must rejoin Mike Lee’s effort to defund Obamacare in the coming Continuing Resolution

  1. Sandy says:

    Kick these RINOs out of office! It’s exhausting not only opposing the Left, but our own Party. Kirk is nothing more than a traitor to his supporters. At least the Democrats vote as they promise. The RINOs lie to their supporters and vote like Liberal Lefties when in office.

    Kirk…the true Democrat in the Senate!

    • Richard Louis Mastronardi says:

      I concur! This is an obvious pattern Kirk which he demonstrated during the senate vote on amnesty and immigration reform. I requested updates from him regarding the status of these issues and only received a couple which only focused on the status of his recovery fron the stroke he had not long ago. I emailed him several times and gave him a long list of valid reasons not to vote in favor of amnesty and I expected that they would be addressed and presented to the senate and discussed. Prior to the senate vote he stated that he would not vote in favor of the bill which was presented to the floor. Within a couple of days he voted the exact opposite of what he told his suppoters. Since he seemed to be avoiding me with the updates I check his web page and this was his entire explanation for voting Yes to amnesty, “Immigration is good for Illinois and I can’t wait to cast my final vote in favor of it.” I contacted him again and first told him as a voter I (we) deserve much more of an explanation than ” it’s good for Illinois”. I repeated the concerns I had presented to him and emphasized that he is not performing his duties as a representative of the people who put him in office. Our defense budget has been cut and servicemen and woman have been retuning from harms way and many have no employment to return to. Meanwhile, the bill Kirk and some other senators voted in favor of would put these servicemen and woman at the very end of the employment line – behind many who have broken our immigration laws and would be rewarded for doing so. FINALLY, my response is about Senator Mark Kirk and his pattern of deception to his supporters which he has demonastrated by his turn coat voting . OBAMACARE has steadily put businesses out of action, forced a cut in ersonell, and DISCOURGED the startup of new businesses. I have a suggestion, get rid of OBAMACARE in Illinois and watch the businesses rush to Illinois and restore our economy by doing so. MY Final comment to Mr. Kirk was to inform him that I will not vote for him again after he has thumbed his nose at the people of Illinois.

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