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By M.D. Kittle |

MADISON, Wis. – U.S. Sen. Richard “Dick” Durbin has some questions for Watchdog’s parent organization, asking who we know, what we know, and when we knew it.

In a letter to the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, Durbin asks the nonprofit news organization whether it has given money to or ever been affiliated with the American Legislative Exchange Council, the model legislation think tank that liberals — and journalism experts like Durbin — love to hate.

“What is it he thinks he’s doing here?” asks Jason Stverak, president of the Franklin Center. “Does he think he has the authority to oversee state legislatures? Is it his job to tell citizens and groups what sort of policies they may advocate? What about tracking down all the members of that group?

“Why not just ask it: are we now or have we ever been members of the American Legislative Exchange Council?”

Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, has been in the news about the news lately. He recently demanded that “we” – whomever that may be – “must define a journalist and the constitutional and statutory protections those journalists should receive.”

And he isn’t just knocking on the Franklin Center’s door. He assures he is trying to drum up answers from other organizations that have been “identified as ALEC funders at some point between 2005 and today,” when ALEC approved model “stand your ground” legislation billed as the “Castle Doctrine Act.” The senator reportedly has sent letters to more than 300 possible corporate backers.

The bill, based on a Florida law, provides immunity for certain types of deadly force, or as proponents of “stand your ground” might put it: It defends those who dare to defend themselves and their property.

“Although ALEC does not maintain a public list of corporate members or donors, other public documents indicate that your organization funded ALEC at some point,” the senator writes in his letter.

What’s Durbin after? The senator says he plans to convene a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights to examine “stand your ground” laws.

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