U.K. Parliament Rejects Syria Action

The Wall Street Journal –

LONDON—Britain will not participate in any military strike against Syria after its parliament defied Prime Minister David Cameron by voting against a measure supporting the principle of intervention in the Syrian crisis.

The rebuke to Mr. Cameron leaves the U.S. facing the possibility that it will take action against Syria without the help of major allies such as Britain.

The vote is also a tough blow to Mr. Cameron’s domestic political fortunes. Since taking office in 2010, he has on numerous occasions been undercut not just from opposition parties, but also from rebel elements within both his own Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats, the junior member of the UK’s governing coalition.

That was the cocktail that once again bit Mr. Cameron in the Syria vote late Thursday. The government lost a vote–by a tally of 285 to 272–that would have supported in principle military intervention in Syria, where Western governments have said President Bashar al-Assad’s regime carried out a deadly chemical-weapons attack on civilians last week. Members of all major parties– including Mr. Cameron’s Tories–opposed the measure.

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