Conservatives shower Sen. Cruz of Texas with praise at Orlando gathering

The Palm Beach Post –


For the second day in a row Saturday, a rising Republican star was interrupted while speaking to the crowd of conservative activists at the Americans For Prosperity conference here.

But while Florida Sen. Marco Rubio had to contend with a few hecklers who criticized his immigration stance on Friday, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz paused near the end of his remarks Saturday while the crowd of about 1,500 chanted, “Run, Ted, run!”

Cruz, one of four potential 2016 presidential candidates to speak to the two-day gathering, got by far the most enthusiastic response from the limited-government, free-market group. Walking the stage rather than standing behind a podium, Cruz railed against “career politicians in both parties” who don’t listen to ordinary people outside of Washington.

“There is a grass-roots uprising that is sweeping this nation,” Cruz said. “The American people are standing up and saying we want our freedom back. And I’m going to give the simplest and best advice for President Obama and for Republicans and Democrats in Congress: Listen to the people.”

Cruz got loud applause when he stated his opposition to Common Core education standards. He received standing ovations when he called for abolishing the Internal Revenue Service and repealing the federal health care law.

Cruz and Rubio both advocate cutting off funding for the health care law when Congress passes a short-term spending bill to keep the federal government running after Sept. 30. Many Republicans see the idea as a losing proposition that could lead to a government shutdown for which the GOP would be blamed.

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