Former EPA chief Lisa Jackson returns to familiar hot seat

Politico –

Seven months after resigning as head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Lisa Jackson is stepping back into the lion’s den.

She’s scheduled to testify Tuesday before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which is holding a hearing on the same criticisms about executive branch secrecy that the panel’s Republicans repeatedly lobbed at EPA during her tenure at the agency.

The hearing on Preventing Violations of Federal Transparency Laws will also feature former Energy Department loan office director Jonathan Silver, who took frequent hits from the GOP during the committee’s investigation of the failed solar panel manufacturer Solyndra.

But the main attraction most likely will be Jackson, who has long been a favorite target of House Republicans. During her four-year term, she spent hours answering pointed questions from GOP lawmakers who accused her of declaring war on the coal industry, killing thousands of jobs and damaging the economy. She appeared before Congress so many times that one Republican joked that she should have her own parking space.

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