By C. Steven Tucker – 

The budget busting Statists of Illinois would like to thank the other 49 states (or 56 if you’re Barack Obama) for their massive, forcibly redistributed financial contribution towards the anticipated cost to cover Illinois’ projected Obamacare implementation and first year operating costs (January 1, 2012-December 31, 2014) of $135 million. Thus far

$115 million has been received for the Illinois Obamacare exchange “Marketing, Outreach and Information Technology”, of which:

$28 million went to 44 “community groups” in Illinois that will be conducting “outreach” providing “education” and facilitating enrollment in the Illinois Obamacare Exchange through the IPA – In Person Assister – program.

$35 million went to PR firm Fleishman Hillard to market and promote the Illinois Obamacare Exchange. The firm, along with several partners, will lead a massive multimedia outreach and advertising campaign to promote enrollment in the Illinois Obamacare Exchange.

$66.5 million went to a CANADIAN firm known as CGI Technologies and Solutions who will be responsible for setting up and maintaining the Illinois Obamacare Exchange which will also interface with Illinois’ eligibility system for Medicaid. Because you know, we’re adding an estimated 700,000 people onto our already bankrupt Illinois Medicaid program.

This Medicaid expansion will cost the taxpayers of Illinois:

$179,758,409 (that we do not have) in 2017
$227,311,277 (that we do not have) in 2018
$278,731,610 (that we do not have) in 2019
$417,523,899 (that we do not have) in 2020

Whether you use the Kaiser Family Foundation estimates, the Cato Institute estimates or the Congressional Budget Office. The expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare will put a significant new burden on the taxpayer. This is because Obamacare promises 100% matching federal Medicaid dollars for years 2014 through 2016 and 90% for years 2020 onward for states that elect to expand their Medicaid rolls. Even President Obama’s Medicare Actuary Charles Blahous doubts that promise. Most especially since the President’s own submitted budgets, as well as the bipartisan Simpson–Bowles Commission, and the budget resolution passed by the House of Representatives in 2012 already call for trimming Medicaid spending by a minimum of $100 billion.

The rest on C. Steven Tucker’s website HERE.

Tucker will be answering questions about Obamacare September 12th at 7 p.m. at the Lake Zurich American Legion Hall, 51 Lions Drive in Lake Zurich. Open to the public. No ‘prepared questions’. Ticket prices are now only $15 & $30 per couple. For reservations, call (866) 724-7123.


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