Ted Cruz List of Actions to Open the Government and delay Obamacare

Senator Ted Cruz promised that the 21+ hours he spent on the floor of the Senate last week was just the beginning.

He went through a list of 9 things that YOU can do to make a difference. 
1. If you haven’t done so already, right now go to http://www.dontfundobamacare.com/and sign the petition.

2.  Call, email, go to Twitter and FB pages of the members of Congress, thank the ones who have been holding strong, encourage those who are weak to grow their spines, and STRONGLY URGE those who are voting in the right way to reform their records!  Particularly Senator Reid WHO IS INTENTIONALLY IGNORING THE RULES OF THE CONGRESS TO RESOLVE CONFLICTS!  CALL HIM ON IT UNEQUIVOCALLY!

3.  Write letters of advocacy to editors of newspapers, blog sites, newsletters in favor of defunding Obamacare.

4.  Call in to talk radio shows, right and left leaning and state your support to FULLY FUND THE GOVERNMENT AND NOT OBAMACARE.

5.  POST blogs and links to blogs in comments to articles you read and to tweets.

6.  Create a video to tell your Obamacare disaster story.  Post it on jobsgrowth.org as well as any of your own sites.

7.  Talk to friends, neighbors, coworkers, relatives that Harry Reid is the one shutting down the government.  Articulate that the House (the chamber with the purse strings) has funded the government, without funding Obamacare, because the American people has told their Congressional Representatives and Senators they don’t like it and don’t want it!

8.  Organize public demonstration and rallies outside your State offices of your members of Congress, invite the press to let them know how you feel.  Do not forget to leave messages of appreciation to those who are standing strong.

9.  Encourage 10 other people to organize and repeat the above.

We need to create a national conversation that we do NOT want Obamacare, and we want them to defund it! It is Harry Reid that has shut down the government insisting that he will not negotiate with the Republicans!

Senator Cruz also noted that the Democrats are worried about the upcoming debt limit, because they spontaneously brought it up in front of the press when they left the meeting with the President.



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One Response to Ted Cruz List of Actions to Open the Government and delay Obamacare

  1. “Particularly Senator Reid WHO IS INTENTIONALLY IGNORING THE RULES OF THE CONGRESS TO RESOLVE CONFLICTS! CALL HIM ON IT UNEQUIVOCALLY” Really? funny this shows the truth? quit mis-informing the masses http://www.ibtimes.com/government-shutdown-2013-hr-368-little-rule-change-house-republicans-guaranteed-federal-shutdown

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