Pentagon recalls civilian workforce

The Hill –

The Pentagon has ordered roughly 400,000 furloughed civilian employees back to work.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordered the worker recall in a department-wide memorandum issued Saturday.

After consulting with the Justice Department and Department of Defense legal counsel, Hagel noted furloughed employees could be brought back to the Pentagon, while still complying with federal guidelines governing the shutdown, according to the memo.

Civilian workers at DOD shown to play a role in the “morale, well-being [and]…readiness” of U.S. forces could be brought back, under federal rules, Hagel wrote.

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One Response to Pentagon recalls civilian workforce

  1. Merrie Schyvincht says:

    So it has nothing to do with money and their over-spending budget, but only to do with what the government feels it can get by with legally. They close national monuments so WWII vets have to go across barricades in their wheelchairs, but are only interested in pointing fingers and bragging about how they are winning against the Republicans. Irresponsible behavior, as usual, on Obama’s part. He needs to be held accountable, but always manages to cover up the truth (ie Benghazi, IRS scandal, etc.). The list goes on and on but no one seems to notice. Obamacare is his egotistical train wreck. This guy is no leader. He is so full of himself he doesn’t care what happens to middle class America as long as he gets his name in lights and his picture in the media. Shame!

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