NOTE:  The death spiral in Illinois continues…

Illinois Review

CHICAGO – In a city Michelle Obama has referred to as hosting an urban “food desert,” it may soon get even more difficult to find fresh veggies, milk and fruit. Safeway, Inc. announced this week they’re abandoning the Chicago grocery market, closing 72 stores throughout the area.

Not to panic, ABC News 7 says, four of those stores will be bought up by Jewel-Osco. As for the other 68, the news isn’t so positive, because about 6000 soon-to-be-out-of work Dominick’s employees work at the the stores yet to be sold.

It’s all about corporate greed, area union reps say.

“They’ve got their bottom line on profits, not on people, not on the community and when you are up against someone like that it is really hard to make them understand that the way to successful is to meet the needs of the people in these communities,” said Eric Bailey, UFCW Local 1546.

John Kass has a different take about those grocery baggers, cashiers, butchers and managers that are losing their jobs at Dominick’s. “…[T]hey’re about to be bagged and delivered into today’s most common business story, the one about millions and millions of our countrymen forced into part-time America.”


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