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CHICAGO – Chicago area insurance professional C. Steven Tucker isn’t mincing words with the mainstream media that either purposely ignored or shrugged off his warnings about the dramatic changes coming to the health care insurance programs when ObamaCare would kick in. While the President assured Americans they could keep their doctors and their policies, Tucker warned Obama’s 2009 promises would prove to be meaningless.

“I told you so!” Tucker says, and points to evidence of clients’ notices from Aetna, Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield providers that say current policies will no longer be acceptable or offered. He writes:

Below I will link to some real world examples of what is beginning to happen because the Obamacare “Health Insurance Exchange Marketplaces” opened on 10/1/13 and were funded (once again) by Republicans in the most recent Continuing Resolution on the evening of October 16, 2013.

Firstly, here is a sample copy of a letter that my Aetna clients are already receiving. These clients are now losing their individual and family health insurance plans. They will be forced into an Obamacare compliant plan as of 12/30/2013 where the cheapest – “Bronze” plan – will expose them to a $12,700 out of pocket risk exposure each year for in network covered charges.

Secondly, here is a sample copy of a letter that my Humana individual and family policy holders are now receiving. They too are now being forced into the Obamacare exchanges and they too will face the same aforementioned $12,700 out of pocket risk for their family each year for the cheapest – “Bronze” – plan.

Thirdly, here is the first letter I received just today from a client who just had their Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois family policy terminated. Notice their replacement plan options. They are offered the following Obamacare compliant plans from Blue Cross:

The Blue Bronze PPO 005. Click here to view the outline of coverage.
The Blue Choice Silver PPO 003. Click here to view the outline of coverage.
The Blue Choice Bronze PPO 006. Click here to view the outline of coverage.

Notice the out of pocket costs with each of those plans? Every one of them has a higher out of pocket risk to this client than the risk his family assumes now and all of them are more expensive than what he pays now. With the exception of the “Bronze PPO 006″ plan which more than DOUBLES his family’s out of pocket risk exposure on his current “HSA 100%” plan.

C. Steven Tucker provides more details HERE.


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