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CHICAGO – At the City Club of Chicago Monday morning, two U.S. Senators of differing political parties paired up to promote immigration legislation, but U.S. Senator Dick Durbin ended up back pedaling on accusations he raised last week on his Facebook page against House Republicans.

The whole thing was a misunderstand, he was simply repeating what a Democrat staffer told him went on in that meeting, Durbin said – and now it’s all history and to be forgotten.

“They gave me the bad quote and then they said it didn’t occur,” Durbin said at a businessmen breakfast in the Loop. “Now it is history. It’s behind us and it will be removed.”

The other U.S. Senator on hand was John McCain of Arizona, who tried to lighten up the discussion with, “Can I just say there were several times in the debate that Senator Durbin and I had on immigration reform when I didn’t want to see him.”

Durbin had another U.S. Senate colleague stick up for him on the matter when Illinois junior senator Mark Kirk said last Friday, “In his defense, I would say that he’s pretty solid and done right by me to build a good bi-partisan team for Illinois.”

Then Kirk went on to betray any Republican with sights on taking Durbin out in 2014, when Kirk said he thinks Durbin is likely to win re-election next year.

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