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SPRINGFIELD – Demand for a delay in ObamaCare individual mandates, along with the release of the number of individual health care policy cancellations reached the Illinois state capitol Thursday, during a press conference held by State Representatives Darlene Senger (R-Naperville) and Mike Bost (R-Murphysboro).

“We need to know the health care insurance situation so we can inform our constituents,” Senger said. Every Illinois GOP House member has signed onto HR 680. No Democrats’ names are listed.

When the numbers began rolling out about the hundreds of thousands of health care insurance cancellations, Illinois Review, with the help of West Side BloggerBill Baar querying insurance companies asking for the number of cancellations that had been sent to Illinois clients.

None of the contacts would give out the numbers, and all said the numbers would not be available until December 15. News sources elsewhere, however, were reporting 300,000 cancellations in Florida, and 900,000 in California, adding up with other states to nearly 10 million cancelled, according to theWall Street Journal. However, none of the maps included Illinois numbers.

Blue Cross Blue Shield’s spokesperson Maryann Schultz confirmed to us that the company would not be releasing their numbers until mid-December. “I do not anticipate releasing them after December 15,” she said. “We will not be giving out any numbers.”

Congressman Peter Roskam’s office noted the lack of cancellation information and organized a letter from the Illinois Congressional delegation to Illinois Director of Insurance, demanding the number of cancellations in Illinois.

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