Illinois Review

Politics makes strange bedfellows, and in Illinois those bunkmates can be very odd indeed.

For example, an Illinois State Board of Elections report shows that RepublicanJim Durkin, the new Minority Leader of the Illinois House of Representatives, recently accepted a $5,000 donation from SEIU Healthcare IL PAC. (see below or click HERE)

Picture 1

SEIU (Service Employees International Union) is a government employees union that has been a reliable source of money, votes, and campaign workers for Democrat candidates throughout the state. In addition, they do a significant amount of “astroturfing” or “flash mobs” for various left-wing causes.

Currently SEIU Healthcare Illinois is focused on increasing taxes to fund government workers’ pay and pensions, as well as raising the minimum wage, amnesty for illegal immigrants, and requiring parents who care for their disabled children in their own homes to pay collective bargaining fees to SEIU.

Conservative leaders and legislators expressed concern about Durkin before his election to Minority Leader. This coupling of Durkin with SEIU will undoubtedly cause heartburn within Republican ranks.

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