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WASHINGTON — This week, Senator Mark Kirk and Congressmen John Shimkus, Peter Roskam, Aaron Schock, Randy Hultgren, Adam Kinzinger, and Rodney Davis wrote to Governor Pat Quinn asking how the state will verify that those who self-report to be Medicaid eligible through seeking Obamacare coverage will be verified as “eligible.”

The letter followed the state’s announcement earlier this month that with the ObamaCare changes working their way through the state’s uninsured, only 1,370 had selected private health insurance plans and nearly 20,000 were deemed Medicaid eligible. The letter explains:

“We are writing to gather more information regarding those estimates to better understand how many Illinois residents have: (1) completed applications and purchased a private plan, and (2) been deemed possibly eligible for Medicaid but not previously enrolled versus those newly eligible to the program.”

The state will bear a higher burden of the cost of those who were previously eligible for Medicaid yet were not signed up. Newly eligible Medicaid recipients are reimbursed higher under Obamacare. And an audit for fiscal year 2010 showed Illinois overpaid $171 million under Medicaid.

Read the full letter here

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