Illinois Review –

By Mark Weyermuller – 

Last Sunday, a tornado hit Washington, Illinois, causing massive destruction. One death was reported in the town, along with multiple injuries. Several hundred homes were destroyed or severely damaged.  Despite the devastation, I found America at its best.

I got a first-hand look as I arrived to help my friend and former college roommate Tom help salvage his possessions and provide moral support.  He told me heard the sirens for 15 minutes last Sunday, and looked outside several times, but saw no need to be concerned. Moments later, the house started to shake. He bolted for the basement, and 45 seconds later he was safe, but the house was leveled.

After the storm subsided, it took a while for Tom to exit from downstairs since some of house blocked the basement door. Neighbors moved the hutch that was blocking the kitchen door. Ninety percent of Tom’s home was in the front yard and beyond. He found his American flag in the only remaining closet, and placed it on the front of his home.  Other homeowners had put out their American flags amid the rubble, as well, saying “We are America.”

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