Health insurance advice for all those trying to “navigate” Obamacare

The Truth About Obamacare –

For all who are trying to deal with the health insurance side of Obamacare, most especially the millions who have lost their plans because of this law. I will be including in this post a 50 state private health insurance quote engine which will allow you to receive real time quotes from all carriers without entering all of your personal information and without linking to the IRS, unless and until you qualify for a subsidy and wish to actually purchase a plan.

Below are instructions to find an alternative plan for those who do and do notqualify for an APTX – “Advance Premium Tax Credit” – a.k.a. taxpayer provided subsidy to lower premiums inside the new HIX – ‘Health Insurance Exchange Marketplace” under the PPACA – “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” a.k.a. “Obamacare”.

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