Trainwreck: White House Issues More Frantic Obamacare Deadline Extensions

Townhall –

We’ll get to the latest on-the-fly changes in a bit, but what better way to mark Friday the 13th than to check in on the status of the website for America’s least popular law? For that, we turn the floor over to Bob Laszewski — a health insurance expert whose predictions about, and criticisms of, Obamacare have been remarkably accurate. Might this assessment be part of the reason why anxious Democrats are experiencing a relapse of the “fix” itch (emphasis mine)?


  • As of this week, the 834 transaction error rates (enrollments sent from the government to the health plans) are better than they were in October and early November but are still running in the 5% to 10% range––a place they have been for a number of weeks now.
  • The Obama administration has still not built the reconciliation computer system needed to clean up the remaining enrollment data issues between and the health plans. The health plans have been told to expect an electronic file in the next few days, containing what the feds think are the health plan’s enrollments through November. The plans will then have to figure out how to reconcile the two lists and then fix the problems. Many plans will have thousands of enrollments to reconcile. There will be another such file coming in January for the December enrollments with likely tens of thousands of more names to reconcile. That means that any December errors will have to be fixed before people can be covered, thereby creating additional customer service issues until the files can be cleaned up.
  • The feds can’t pay the insurers their premium subsidy payments because a payment system has not yet been built. The government is asking the health plans to prepare their own bill and send it to the government for a preliminary payment until this is resolved.

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