Say ‘NO’ to Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Fast Track #tcot #tlot #tpp

Vote “NO” on Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) & Fast Track

Very quietly, opposition is building on the Internet to oppose “fast track authority” legislation that may be introduced as soon as Jan. 8. The ‘fast track’ measure would grant President Obama authority to ram the Trans-Pacific Partnership through Congress with limited debate and no opportunity to propose amendments. The international trade agreement, negotiated largely in secret by the Obama administration, corporate lobbyists, and foreign governments is regarded by globalist free traders as a cornerstone of the emerging “New World Order.”

Sold under the guise of “free trade”, the TPP is an assault on our constitution.  It will transfer large swaths of Congress’ and state power to international tribunals, all the while “harmonizing” U.S. law with international rules. 

Members of congress are not privy to the negotiations.  Through leaked drafts of past TPP proposals, we discovered controversial provisions of TPP which delve into Internet usage.  This small glimpse into the TPP discussions has ignited an firestorm of opposition from both ends of the political spectrum.


Click below to send your message to Congress:  

Do not ‘fast track’ TPP – We need to see what’s in it, before we pass it!:


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