Ranking Puts Illinois Dead Last for Job Growth in 2014

Illinois Senate Republicans –

While a recent report from the PEW Charitable Trusts paints a rosy picture for increased employment and economic growth nationally in 2014, it tells a different story for Illinois which was placed dead last in a ranking of the 50 states based on projected job creation in the coming year.

The PEW report, citing data from Moody’s Analytics, says that, “after four years of fragile and uneven recovery, the U.S. job machine is likely to kick into high gear in 2014.” Nationally the economy will generate 2.6 million jobs in 2014, 2.2 million more than last year. The PEW report points to industries like healthcare, energy and high-tech sectors as primary job creators.

The report includes an interactive map showing 572,000 of those new jobs will be created in two states alone, with California adding 264,000 (or 1.80 percent growth) and Texas adding 307,590 jobs (or 2.75 percent growth). However, the top two states for growth are North Dakota and Arizona, which are expected to see 3.57 percent and 3.08 percent job growth respectively.

In sharp contrast is Illinois, which comes in last on the list with a prediction from Moody’s that the state will see less than 1 percent job growth in 2014.  While the prairie state will see some new jobs generated in the coming year, it lags behind the nation as well as neighboring states like Indiana where 1.6 percent job creation is forecast and Wisconsin, which is expected to see 1.49 percent. Illinois has struggled financially in recent years with a pension crisis, high unemployment, and a 2011 tax increase that placed additional burdens on job creators in the state.

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2 Responses to Ranking Puts Illinois Dead Last for Job Growth in 2014

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  2. rick mannis says:

    The media is picking on Illinois because of Obama. Nice try but people are not stupid. This is nothing but hidden racism from the Republicans trying to make Obama look bad. Illinois will bounce back once voters in Illinois get there thumbs out the their rear ends and vote the right people in local offices.

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