ACTION ALERT: Call Congress regarding immigration reform

This info has been gathered from several reliable sources.

Congress will be in session Mon. & Tues. Then the Republicans will be gone for a retreat Wed.-Fri. (1/29-1/31). During the retreat, they will be planning their strategy on how to PUSH THROUGH IMMIGRATION REFORM. Their plan is to wait until AFTER the primaries (sometime in April) so that members who vote FOR immigration reform will no longer be at risk of having a primary challenger. Instead of focusing on the Obamacare nightmare, the ruined economy & jobs, the IRS scandal, the Benghazi cover-up, etc., they are going to waste precious time on immigration reform! Let Congress know that now is NOT the time to push for immigration reform.

Congress needs to get phone calls from many, many constituents before they go on their retreat on Wednesday. Please share this message. Here are the points to emphasize:

“You’ve abdicated your responsibilities of Congress! We expect you to STOP Obamacare, STOP the IRS from persecuting conservatives & Christians, STOP the coverups of Benghazi and all the other scandals, STOP the EPA from decimating our energy resources, and STOP this lawless regime from continuing to destroy our Republic! Immigration reform is the LAST thing you should be working on right now!”

Please call TODAY. Find the number here:

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