Two Gubernatorial, AG and State Treasurer Candidates Speak to McHenry County Republican Reformers’ Rally

McHenry County Blog –

by Cal Skinner,

I’ve been to a lot of Republican Party functions since I came back from Washington to run for McHenry County Treasurer in the spring of 1966.

The meeting at the Woodstock VFW Thursday night, however, had more energy than any other I’ve attended.

When Central Committee meetings are held, it’s almost as if people are going through the motions.

That was not the case with the GOP Precinct Committeemen candidates and volunteers who numbered over 110 when I counted, with more arriving later.

While I was out getting some literature, the slate the reformers are proposing to lead the McHenry County Republican Central Committee for the next two years presented themselves.

Introduced by Gasser, three county candidates spoke first.

Crystal Lake City Councilman Jeff Thorsen gave his pitch for the Republican nomination for County Treasurer.

McHenry County Board member Nick Provenzano followed suit.

Bill Prim, around whom most in the crowd were grouped, spoke briefly.

“As a public speaker, I’ll make an excellent Sheriff,” he said ironically.

Prim said that Thorsen, Provenzano and he had the same philosophies.

Paul Schimpf is running against Lisa Madigan.

I’ll write a separate story about his campaign later, but he ended his talk with a zinger:

“If you want an Attorney General who will

  • protect your freedoms
  • fight corruption and
  • transform the Attorney General’s Office in a watchdog that will protect citizens from intrusive state government,

you need to trust a retired Marine, not a [member] of the Madigan machine.”

Duffy also repeated the story about his first Senator floor speech.

That was during Rod Blagojevich’s impeachment trial.

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