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WASHINGTON – Friday, the national anti-tax group Americans for Tax Reform released a list of state level elected officials and challengers that have signed their Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Signing ATR’s pledge is a promise to voters to never vote for or support a tax increase.

Pledge signers are bound for the duration of their tenure in the office to which they were elected, with the exception of constitutional officers who are next in line for the governorship. For example, if a Pledge signer runs for the state house of representatives, wins the election, and two years later decides to run for the state senate, he/she must sign the Pledge again for it to apply to his/her tenure in the senate. However, if a Pledge signing lieutenant governor or other officer succeeds to the governor’s office, the Pledge remains in effect.

Twenty-one Illinois lawmakers have signed the pledge, including:


  • Tim Bivins (S-45)
  • Kirk Dillard (S-24)
  • Kyle McCarter (S-54)
  • Jim Oberweis (S-25)
  • Dave Syverson (S-34)
  • Patricia Bellock (H-47)
  • Mike Bost (H-115)
  • John Bradley (H-117)
  • John CavaLetto (H-107)
  • Jack Franks (H-63)
  • Dwight Kay (H-112)
  • Michael P. McAuliffe (H-20)
  • David McSweeney (H-52)
  • Brandon Phelps (H-118)
  • Robert W. Pritchard (H-70)
  • Timothy L. Schmitz (H-49)
  • Darlene Senger (H-96)
  • Joe Sosnowski (H-69)
  • Ed Sullivan (H-51)
  • Jil Tracy (H-94)
  • Patrick Verschoore (H-72)


  • Mark Batinick (H-97)
  • Victor Horne (H-35)
  • William Keck (H-50)
  • Jerry L. Long (H-76)
  • Kathleen Myalls (H-17)
  • Reggie Phillips (H-110)
  • Robert “Bob” White (H-115)


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