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CHICAGO – Why are the feds, the Illinois state legislature and Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez investigating Governor Pat Quinn rather than Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan?

Andy Shaw of the Better Government Association says Lisa Madigan is simply steering away from situations that could be embarrassing for Democrats – of which her father is the state head.

Madigan will not explain her silence or inactivity to the media.

“Madigan declined interview requests from FOX and the BGA, but her aides claim their biggest obstacle is a lack of authority to convene grand juries to pursue public-corruption cases unless local state’s attorneys invite them in,” Shaw wrote this week.

That’s not the reason, says Republican 2014 challenger for Attorney General Paul Schimpf. He says Lisa Madigan hasn’t the stomach to fight corruption.

“Lisa Madigan’s actions–or lack thereof–over the last 11 years speak for themselves,” Schimpf told Illinois Review. “She has proven that fighting corruption is not remotely close to her top priority. Illinois needs an Attorney General with prosecutorial experience who can focus on rooting out corruption.”

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