ACTION ALERT: Make One Phone Call to Springfield


Please call 1-800-788-8495 right now and ask your legislator to vote “no” on a bloated budget that leads to an unfair tax hike.  When you call, it will ask for your zip code – then transfer to your IL State Representative.

Tell them:


Illinois Policy Action –

We’re just months away from state income tax relief, but some in Springfield are trying to trade it in exchange for wasteful “pork” spending and crony backroom deals.

Since Tuesday evening, our entire team has been scouring the 58 budget bills that House Speaker Mike Madigan is trying to ram through the House.

You won’t believe the pork project we identified for a House Democrat.

But first, a quick lay of the land.

Budget season in Springfield is happening in reverse this year.

Usually the state figures out its revenues, and then allocates expenditures. Tax, and then spend (and then spend some more).

The problem now is that many Illinois politicians don’t think they have enough of your money to spend. This is the first year when they have to account for the rate sunset that was a key part of the 2011 tax-hike deal.

And thanks to your ongoing, relentless pushback against making the 2011 income tax increase permanent, Madigan has been unable to round up the necessary votes to pass a tax hike so he can spend with reckless abandon.

That doesn’t mean he has given up. Far from it.

His back-up plan is a “you break it, you buy it” sort of deal.

He is forcing legislators to first vote for spending far beyond expected tax revenues, and then plans on guilting them into supporting a tax increase to make up the difference.

Yet few legislators want to be tagged as “liars” who broke a promise and hiked taxes on working families. And things only get harder when you consider that 2014 has the potential to be a “wave” year for conservatives.

Enter the wheeling and dealing. It’s hidden in plain sight.

Reading through the dense appropriation bills yesterday, our research team was surprised to find a $200,000 grant from the general revenue funds to a single library system in Elgin.

It was even more odd considering that the grant wasn’t listed in Gov. Pat Quinn’s proposed budget from March.

Connecting the dots, we noticed that that this library system was represented by state Rep. Anna Moeller, D-Elgin, who recently took over for the disgraced state Rep. Keith Farnham.

A $200,000 grant is one way to bring home the bacon – but at what cost?

The Daily Herald wrote up the story and pushed Moeller to come out with her position on the tax hike.

Unsurprisingly, she dodged:

“Moeller, who replaced Farnham, sidestepped questions about renewing the state’s 5% income tax rate. …

“‘We haven’t seen anything come down on that,’ Moeller said. ‘I can’t say until we get (a bill) we can look at.'”

That’s a cop out. Everyone knows the political elite are talking about keeping the 5% rate longer than promised.

We can’t let the deal-making and the issue-dodging stand.

I need you to call 1-800-788-8495 right now and ask your legislator to vote “no” on a bloated budget that leads to an unfair tax hike.

Budget votes could come as early as today. You need to make this call.



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