Reboletti calls for advisory referendum on making 2011 tax hike permanent

Illinois Review –

SPRINGFIELD – Tuesday, Republican House member Dennis Reboletti called for voters to have a say in whether the 2011 state income tax increase should remain permanent or sunset at the end of 2014.

Several Republican General Assembly members stood with Reboletti to support his effort, saying the Democrats have purposely cut Republicans out of budget talks – leaving their constituents with no voice in how taxpayer funds will be spent in 2015.

“We all here have been cut out of the [budget] process,” Reboletti said. “We’re going to ask the people to be citizen soldiers and join us in the fight. And if they think their voice isn’t being heard by the majority, they will have the opportunity to step up and cast a vote.”

The way the budget bills were presented last week gave a false impression that without the tax hike, that draconian cuts would need to take place in services to the disabled and needy, State Senator Matt Murphy said.  The money is there to fully fund the budget and not eviserate core services if the tax hike rolls down.

The fact is the Democrats want to raise the taxes, and they’re going to do it, Murphy said. “Make no mistake, they don’t need a tax hike to fund core services.”

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