Say NO! Smart Meters violate our basic rights

By Nancy Thorner – 

Several weeks ago the occasion arose to view the screening of Josh del Sol’s powerful and gripping award-winning documentary, “Take Back Your Power.” View here the official trailer of “Take Back Your Power,” winner of the 2013 Aware Guide Transformational Film of the Year and the IndieFest Annual Humanitarian Award.

Synopsis: The 2013 NSA spying scandal exposed vast programs to monitor your personal communications. Now, energy utilities and governments are reaching into your own home, through fast-tracked “smart” meters and spy-ready technology. But what if you have a choice? At stake is in-home surveillance, increased bills, emerging health risks and more hacking vulnerabilities.

Defining the issue:  A “Smart Grid” is an electricity distribution network that utilizes “Smart Meters”.  A “Smart Meter” is a wireless or hard-wired two-way communication device that connects your home or business and broadcasts your personal information and energy use habits to the electric grid company.  Current analog meters have been safely used for decades and they still work.

“Smart,” a buzz word for something good or superior, as in “smart” meters, are being installed all around the world to implement the smart grid for UN Agenda 21, even though electromagnetic radiation is a killer.  Check out this video explaining the dangers of electromagnetic radiation.

In 2009 millions of households across America were taking a first step into the world of the “smart grid,” as their power companies installed meters that can tell them how much electricity they are using hour by hour — and sometimes, appliance by appliance.

But not everyone was happy about it.  In California many customers were in open revolt back, as they remain today, when Pacific Gas & Electric, which distributes power to Northern and Central California, installed four million meters in households and businesses.  Since 2009 six million more have been installed.

Power companies claim the meters will allow utilities to vary the price charged to their customers by the hour to correspond to what those utilities are paying for energy in the wholesale market, resulting in consumers saving money.   Not so according to California Pacific Gas & Electric customers who complained their meters were running too fast and were charging them for energy they hadn’t used.   Many customers also found it unfair they had to begin paying immediately for the new meters through higher rates.  Meters cost the utility roughly $220 apiece, including installation, savings that could be years away for customers.

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    We put our handout from the “Take Back Your Power” movie screening on line – read it -

    and we have placed more info on

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